Meet the members of JDS Boys

  • Sincere Brown
  • Khadeer Codrington
  • Ramon Cuze
  • Emmanuel Gladden
  • Jovian Lawrence
  • Charles Martin
  • Jalil Pratcher

Fans love the JDS Boys and follow their every move on social media where they have thousands of followers on IG and TikTok/Musically.

Feel free to visit them online, chat or leave a comment.  They would love to hear from you.

  • JDS BOYS: @jdsboys_
  • Charles Martin: @drxppykiddcharles._
  • Khadeer: @dabdaddy_litt
  • Jalil: @jalilzparody
  • Ramon: @isthat_kurlzz
  • Jovian: @encryption_exe
  • Sencere: @drnxylitsencere
  • Emmanuel-@popular2klit